April 2017


Congrats to my boys long, long overdue.

March 2017

Tequila Talkin'

Here’s one that I’d actually forgotten about! I was hired to play guitar on this track by singer/songwriter Lisa Bouchelle back in 2011. Having just been re-released on a new EP, it’s out there once again and picking up some momentum now. The single was produced & mixed by engineering great Mike Rogers. He and I were also recording a couple of new songs with Chubby Checker in NYC right around this same time.

Only the Tequila Talkin’ is a fun country/pop tune that’s made for radio and features a vocal duet between Lisa and Blues Traveler front man John Popper, who also lends his legendary harmonica talent to the track.

Article link: http://news/display.php-news

Februaury 2017

Introducing...Abby Layne

Meet my friend Abby. She’s a versatile singer with a fantastic voice. We first met a couple of years ago through my friend John Alper – the two perform together locally here in CT. John’s an excellent songwriter and he & I have been co-writing songs for Abby along with new friend, musician, Tom Dobson. Recently, John & Tom did a great job recording several of these songs, which are now being featured on the Fieldhouse/BMG website:

Abby’s website:

September 2016

Sold Out!

All CD copies of Worlds Within have been sold. This album is officially out of print, but will remain available in digital form on iTunes (Apple Music), Amazon, Spotify, etc.

June 2016

20th Anniversary 

It was exactly twenty years ago this summer that we recorded and released the Wishbone Ash album ‘Illuminations’. Where did the time go? Well…it went! To this day, there are different versions of the album offered from various labels. However, I still have a number of original Illuminations CD’s that were gifted to me by Renaissance Records – the bands U.S. record label back in 1996. These discs are from their very first pressing that year and remain as if in a time capsule; brand new & sealed in cellophane – nearly impossible to find anymore.

Since I don’t need to keep all of them, I’ve decided to sell some of the CD’s privately through this site. Here’s an opportunity to own a perfectly preserved slice of Wishbone history!

Click link for pricing and more information.

May 2016

Blast from the Past

A box of unopened Blast Room 'Rock is Dead' CD's, found in the vaults of the record label, was just returned to me. This album has been out of print for many years, so it was quite a surprise when they showed up! These are the very last CD copies left of this album.

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March 2016

Roxbury Station

New name - new design - and now triple the space! Our newly updated studio ‘Roxbury Station’ now offers an expansive 3000 sq.ft.of space for unlimited musical creativity. World class recording, song writing & production, music lessons, artist development, voice overs, master class series, and much more. The studio is a professional work environment, stocked with the latest state-of-the-art technology, both digital & analog, set in a beautiful serene country setting.

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February 2016

Tommy Emmanuel

I had the pleasure of hearing this guy live in NYC recently. For those of you who don't know who he is - it doesn't get any better than

July 2015

New Solo Release: Pink Flamenco

My latest instrumental track 'Pink Flamenco' is now available. You can hear it on the Music Player, and read about it on the Discography page. Click the Listen/Buy Music page to buy from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, etc.


[ Update: June 28, 2015 ]

I have just learned of the very sad news that Chris Squire passed away last night. What an amazing legacy he leaves behind ~ R.I.P. ~

May 2015

Chris Squire

Prayers and best wishes to legendary Yes bassist Chris Squire, as he undergoes cancer treatment. One of the greats and a true gentleman...

March 2014

Welcome to my new website!

I wanted to start out by thanking my friend Leon Tsilis for doing such a great job as webmaster of my last site, which he created & operated for the past five years. We first met back in the 1990's during my time with Wishbone Ash and we've remained good friends ever since. Leon worked for MCA Records back in the '70s and Wishbone was one of the many bands he promoted for the label. Even after I left the group he was always a great advocate of my music, and still is. When I told him that I wanted to shut down the old site and create a new one that I could run myself, he was not only cool about it, he offered to help out however he could - many thanks, my friend.

I also wanted to acknowledge some of the music journalists from around the world who have reviewed and recommended my material over the years. So, a special thanks to: Scott Itter, Ryan Sparks, J.T. Garrard, Robert Silverstein, Willie G. Moseley, John Heidt, Barry Cleveland, Alan Taylor...and anyone else I forgot to mention.

But, mostly, I want to thank all of you who have been, and continue to be, supportive. I'm very grateful and appreciative of the fact that there are people throughout the world who are interested in my music.

These days my goal is to simplify things wherever I can, including here, and now with technology being what it is, I figured it was time to give this a try. I'll keep updating the site as things happen - RF.


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